From ghost pepper flakes to red pepper powder, we’ve got the high quality spices that put the pep in your food. Check out our great spices and powders.

Pepper Seeds

Not only can we offer you quality pepper seeds that will grow to lovely bushes, but we can offer you great advice on how to grow your pepper plants.

Pepper Plants

If you’re concerned about starting your plants from seed, we offer healthy, beautiful live plants to get you growing strong.

Other Veggies

We grow a lot more than just peppers at Bmore Spicy. If you’re looking for other vegetable plants, we’ve got you covered..

Bmore Spicy Welcomes You

Peter Piper has nothing on Bmore Spicy and if you’re using our seeds and plants, you’re going to be reaping a lot more than a peck of peppers. Fresh Peppers are not only delicious, they have marked health benefits. Dependent on what you’re looking for, we’re in the business of finding the seeds and plants that you need. If you’re looking for something to pickle, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for the kind of heat that can see you reaching for the milk container, our ghost pepper seeds are just what you want. From bell peppers to Trinidad Moruga’s, Bmore Spicy has you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a little heat or a little something extra for your meals, Bmore Spicy delivers. We’ve got it all from pepper plants to seeds to veggie plants and even spices ready to use. Order plants, spices or seeds and get them quickly and simply..