6 LIVE 2-4" PLANTS Brussels Sprouts RED BALL PRE ORDER ships Sprin APRIL 15


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Listing is for 6 Live 3 – 5 inch seedlings  Pre order for spring 2017 around April 15 shipping date priority. If you would like them sooner and think they will not freeze on the way please feel free to contact us. Thank you. 

Listing discounted due to pre order status and will revert to regular price near Spring.

Upon purchase it will be marked as shipped due to eBay rules & it will be shipped in the spring. Thank you

Also known as Red Bull Brussels sprouts 

Specialty Variety is great for gourmet cooking! Performance is better than the other red variety – Rubine Very RARE!

Unusual variety with purple-red sprouts. Color deepens with cooler weather making it very unique. 

Adds excellent ornamental color to a garden or raised bed making it great for landscaping!.