6 Live 2-4" inch Multiple Variety of HERBS Seedlings PRE ORDER Ships April 15


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Listing is for 6 Live 2 to 4 inch seedlings ships via priority  Pre order for spring 2017 around April 15 shipping date priority. If you would like them sooner and think they will not freeze on the way please feel free to contact us. Thank you. 

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If there is a custom mix you would like please contact us. Thank you!
Varieties include:
Arugula- Roquette
Basil- African Blue
Basil- Amethyst
Basil- Cardinal
Basil Genovese
Basil Lemon
Basil- Lime
Basil- Lettuce Leaf
Basil- Red Ball
Basil- Spicy Globe Greek
Cilantro Chinese Parsley
Chives- Garlic
Curry- Dwarf
Dill- Bouquette
Dill- Fern Leaf
Dill- Long Island
Lavender- Blue Ruffles
Lavender- Purple Ribbon Stoechas
Lemon Balm
Lemon Grass
Marjoram- Golden
Marjoram- Sweet
Mint- Lemon
Mint- Orange
Mint- Peppermint
Mint- Spearmint
Mint- Sweet
Oregano- Greek
Oregano- Italian
Parsley- Banquet
Parsley- Curled
Parsley- Italian
Pet Grass
Rosemary- Upright “Blue”
Rosemary- Upright “Pink”
Rosemary- Huntington Carpet
Rosemary- Spice Island
Rosemary- Tuscan Blue
Sage- Garden
Sage- Mexican
Sage- Purple
Sage- Russian
Savory- Summer
Savory- Winter
Tarragon- French
Tarragon- Russian
Thyme- English
Thyme- Lavender
Thyme- Lemon
Thyme- Orange
Tarragon- Red Creeping
Thyme- Silver Edge