4 LIVE 5-7" PLANTS Lemon Balm Herb Heirloom REPELS MOSQUITOS Melissa Officinalis


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Listing is for 4 Live 5 – 7 inch plants in 2.5×2.5×3.5″ pots shipped via priority 

Repels Mosquitoes!!

Lemon Balm is excellent  for its use in teas which is reported to help PMS and Menstrual cramps. Its citrus-like aroma deters Mosquitoes. Great in plant beds, containers, and bordering a deck or patio.
Health benefits include: treating anxiety, wounds, indigestion, insomnia, thyroid issues, and blood flow enhancement.

Being in the mint family, is said to be a calming or soothing herb, and is the primary reason it’s used as a sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia.  Always seek a physicians opinion when using herbs for medical treatment.

Makes a beautiful ornamental; shade tolerant perennial produces pretty foliage and gorgeous on landscape

thrives in small spaces like apartment decks or balconies.  Also, it can be grown as a house plant year around in the home, and provide a nice natural aroma for the house

– stems commonly used in bouquets
-Its  oil is popular in aromatherapy
-Attracts honey bees and other pollinators
– Great for flavoring summer drinks like lemonade and desserts
complements other herbs like basil, mint and dill
-Can be used in making wine